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Category: Roads Policing and Safety Cameras

Lower Queen Street Fines (1569A/21)

Since September 29th 2021 up to the last day of October 2021

How many
a] Fines
b] Warnings
Have been given/issued to drivers at the junction of Lower Queen Street with Holland Road in Sutton Coldfield town centre in connection with making an illegal right turn out of Lower Queen Street

Speeding (1438A/21)

1: I would like to know the amount of offences recorded by your mobile speed camera vans in the Coventry for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 – please list each location and the total amount of offences.
2: Could you please advise how the offences raised in question 1 were dealt with ie. by way of Fixed Penalty Speed Awareness Course Court Action

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