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Category: Performance

Response Times (188A/24)

The average time (in hours:minutes:second) it takes for police to arrive on the scene of ‘theft of a motor vehicle’ incidents in your force for the following calendar years: 2021, 2022 and 2023.

999 and 101 Calls (921A/23)

1) In each of the last three financial years (20/21), (21/22) and (22/23) how many calls to (a) 999 and (b) 101 were recorded as NOT having been answered?

Sustainability (932A/23)

I am requesting the following information in accordance with Freedom of Information Law. This information is being sought as part of research into how public sector organisations embed sustainability into their strategy and operations.

999 Calls (1A/23)

I am writing to request the average time taken by your force to answer 999 calls in 2022, and also the longest time taken to answer a 999 call in 2022.

Response Times (945A/23)

I would like to know the average police response times for Grade 2 priority calls for the past three calendar years (2022, 2021, 2020), broken down by local authority area.

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