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Category: Fixed Penalty Notices

VRMs (894A/23)

1) How many offences and/or tickets were recorded in the years 2021 and 2022 for number plate (vehicle registration marks) mis-space and/or registrations which do not conform to legality?
2) How many reports for the years 2021 and 2022 were recorded for the cloning of vehicle registration marks?

Speeding (639A/23)

I would like to know, since the start of 2022 up to now:
The total number of drivers issued with speeding PCNs for each speed – for example, a table laid out with the total PCNs for 31mph, 32mph, 33mph etc up to the highest speed recorded.
If possible, please also set out how many of these were average speed cameras, fixed speed cameras, mobile police units or other means.

Use of Mobile Phone While Driving (566A/23)

1) The number of prosecutions in relation to the use of mobile phones while driving under the regulations effective 25th March 2022. This can include information relating to people who have also been prosecuted since 25th March 2022 under regulations in place before this date.

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