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Category: Policy and Procedures

NPCC Security Systems Policy (1496A/23)

Freedom of Information Request with Reference to The Application of the NPCC Security Systems Policy.

With reference to the above Policy, I ask the following questions regarding the training of your new communications centre staff namely those who receive calls and/or deploy a police resource to incidents. This includes the supervisors of such staff and the senior officer in charge of the comms centre:

Cannabis Based Medical Products (CBMP) (1255A/23)

– Can you please confirm your officers training surrounding this and what they are trained to do in the situation that an officer discovers a patient in in possession of this controlled drug that is very much a life saving medicine to myself and 32,000 other patients in the UK.

Epilepsy Training (1226A/23)

I would like to request under the freedom of information act answers to the following;

1) What contact have West Midlands Police had from the college of Policing in regard to the REGULATION 28: REPORT TO PREVENT FUTURE DEATHS in relation to the death of Gaia Pope 2022?
2) What epilepsy training have officers of West Midlands Police undertaken in the last five years?
3) What is West Midlands Police’s policy regarding grading the risk of a missing person who has epilepsy?

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