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Laptop Donations (454A/21)

While it is welcome that you are donating unused laptops to schools – as per today’s press release – I have some concerns about data security, particularly in light of the notebook stolen from a police car last year, endangering the safety of witnesses, which I would not wish to see repeated. Could you please therefore answer the following questions:
Do/did the hard disks contain(ed) data that is/was protectively marked or classified as OFFICIAL, SECRET or TOP SECRET?

Missing From Care Home (419A/21)

Between 1 January 2020 and 28 February 2021, how many individuals have been reported to your force as missing from a care home? (could you please break this information down per month).

Mediums, Palm Readers (376A/21)

Please disclose held policies, procedures and information as to whether:

West Midlands Police employ ‘Mediums’, palm readers, and/or persons who are considered to be, have exhibited, presumed to have, or have demonstrated supernatural abilities and/or use extra sensory perception (ESP) in order to investigate or aid in the investigation of offences.

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