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Autism/Learning Difficulties Training (526A/22)

1a. How many staff (including officers & PCSOs, detectives and civilian staff) have undertaken training in relation to Autism, Autism-Spectrum conditions and learning disabilities/difficulties?

PNC Markers (525A/22)

From information disclosed in previously published FOI requests, there are various types of ‘markers’ on PNC relating to individuals, for example ‘wanted’, ‘locate and trace’, ‘missing’ etc.Please disclose a complete list of these ‘markers’ used by your force, together with descriptions of each type

Lost / Stolen Devices (538A/22)

Number of electronic devices e.g. laptops, mobile phones and tablet computers reported lost or stolen by your organisation over the last three (3) financial years, April to April.

NPCC Letter (1802A/21)

Accordingly, please could you provide us with the following information?
1. Was the 28 May letter downloaded?

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