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Earlsdon RTC’s (632A/24)


I would like to request statistics on the number of accidents in Earldson, especially the new 20mph zone for the following:

  1. Years 2015 – 2024
  2. Total number of accidents
  3. Total number of minor injuries from the total 4. Total number of major injuries from the total 5. Total number of deaths from the total.


 Within the cost limit we could search for data from 2016 onwards, however please note that 2024 data is not currently available.  In addition, please note unfortunately our data recording system doesn’t break the data down to determine the MPH on each road, therefore we could provide a list of roads showing where the accidents occurred.

We would only be able to search for injury data as the non-injury data is not accurate and may include duplicate records.


Please find attached our response.


632A_ATTACHMENT_01 632A_ATTACHMENT_02 Earlsdon map