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Category: Roads Policing and Safety Cameras

Speeding Tickets (58A/22)

• The total number of speeding tickets handed out to drivers in your constabulary between 1st January 2021 to 1st January 2022.
• This information should include the collated total number of fines for drivers of cars, HGVs, LCVs, Buses and Motorcycles that exceeded the outlined speeding limit.

Can the above-mentioned information please be supplied in excel format and the data be categorised as per the bullet poinst above.

Speed Cameras (517A/22)

When did the average speed cameras along the stretches of the following highways become operational?

     A4123 Wolverhampton Road between Bleakhouse Road and Pound Road
(Northbound) Sandwell
     A4123 Wolverhampton Road between Pound Road and Bleakhouse Road Sandwell

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