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Average speed cameras (1827A/21)


Q1. I’d like to know what is the criteria for having Average Speed Cameras installed on any given road in the West Midlands?

Q2. Is there a specific requirement and if so what is that requirement please i.e would there need to be a certain number of RTCs or recorded speed instances along a given road?

Q3. What is WM Police’s policy for supporting Average Speed Camera placements please?


Please find enclosed our response.

For Q1 & Q2:

West Midlands Police use the site selection criteria from Department For Transport National Safety Camera Programme.

There needs to be a history of KSI (killed or seriously injured) at the location (normally a baseline of 3 years’ worth of data to get the camera installed) and speed surveys need to indicate that there is an issue as well. The 85th percentile is used to ascertain if there is an issue.

West Midlands Police support any local authority who wish to install average speed cameras, as we have done with the installations that are currently in place across the midlands.

For Q3:

No specific information held. There is no specific policy in this matter.


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