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Cannabis Based Medical Products (CBMP) (1255A/23)


I am contacting you regarding cannabis based medical products (CBMP) and the police forces awareness and training regarding patient interaction.

There have been recent reports of Sussex and Watford officers confiscating a patients CBMP and even detaining the patients who have rightfully provided proof to an officer of their legal possession. I’m sure you cannot discuss these reports but it still raises the question of the West Midlands forces current training surrounding patient interaction.

Further to these reports there seems to be confusion that officers are requesting to see a CanCard in favour over a patient’s prescription. Cancard cannot in any way validate a patient’s suitability for medical cannabis nor the legality of possession. Only a medical specialist can ascertain suitability for CBMP, coupled with a multi-disciplinary team review from other clinicians. There are already sufficient means for an individual who is lawfully in possession of a CBPM to demonstrate legitimate medical use. This includes proof of a prescription and ID, or furnishing the dispensing label attached to the medicine.

  • Can you please confirm your officers training surrounding this and what they are trained to do in the situation that an officer discovers a patient in in possession of this controlled drug that is very much a life saving medicine to myself and 32,000 other patients in the UK.


We have liaised with our Learning and Development department and they have advised that in relation to current student Police officer initial training, the current drugs / NPS (New psychoactive Substances) lesson does not include anything on CBMP (Cannabis Based Medical Products) and what officers should be doing and not doing around them.

However, they have advised that they will look into adding this to the PCEP (Police Constable Entry Programme) in the future as they believe this is important to know.


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