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Category: Policy and Procedures

Private Security (14985/18)

Does West Midlands Police have a policy regarding private security firms deploying staff in a uniform that closely resembles that of police officers, if so is a policy publicly available, and if not is a policy being prepared, and if there are no plans for a policy why having no policy is appropriate.

Witness Victim Immigration Policy(12028_18)

Please confirm whether your force has a formal policy in place relation to when victims of or witnesses to crimes (who are not suspected of a criminal offence themselves) who come into contact with the police are referred to the Home Office for immigration purposes.

Policies (9614/18)

At point 3.1.1 in your PP/03 Force Policy document, what exactly are the incurred ‘obligations’, and where/ in which Force Policy document are they listed or contained? Please provide a link to or copy of such Policy document.