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Category: Performance

Standard Driving Course (1650A/21)

1) What is the current wait time for new response officers to undertake a standard (blue light response) driving course?
2) Currently, how many officers hold a standard driving ticket?
3) Additionally, how many of these are students/within their probation?

Digital Forensics (1641A/21)

Please could you answer the following questions below in relation to digital evidence and the retention of digital evidence in your force.
1) Does your force have a digital forensics unit or do you outsource?

Disclosure Types (1511A/21)

Please share with me the total number of unique correspondence cases logged between 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021 and the percentage of these which were answered on time (only where there is a mandated response time and so this stat will already be tracked and available) for the following areas:

Data protection requests (including subject access requests and other data subject requests made possible under GDPR)

Digital Devices (1273A/21)

1. Please provide the number and a breakdown of digital devices, eg mobile phones/laptops/desktop computers/games consoles/cameras, belonging to victims of crime waiting to be forensically examined by your force as of today’s date?