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Recording of Covid Incidents (605A/21)


We would like to know how reporting of lockdown breaches, social distancing infringements and other complaints were recorded by your force and how that will relate to the reporting you do for

Our questions are therefore:

  • Generally, during the pandemic how have you recorded within the control room incoming reports relating to COVID -19 breaches?
  • How did this recording practice manifest, either directly or indirectly, to reporting?
  • Did your Force record reports of covid-19 rule infringements as ASB?
  • Did your Force use an existing category for Covid-19 rule infringement other than ASB?
  • Did you Force record reports of covid-19 rule infringements as another category that is reported to
  • If you did use an alternate incident class such as ASB, did you apply any ’tagging’ system to capture the Covid infringements within recorded incidents?
  • If you did use a tag what tag labels did you use?
  • Did your Force create a new category for recording reports of covid-19 infringements?
  • If so is this new category reportable to


Please find attached our response.