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Category: Performance

Digital Devices (1273A/21)

1. Please provide the number and a breakdown of digital devices, eg mobile phones/laptops/desktop computers/games consoles/cameras, belonging to victims of crime waiting to be forensically examined by your force as of today’s date?

101 Calls (1189A/20)

1. Between 1 March 2020 and 1 December 2020, how many 101 calls were recorded as NOT having been answered?

Public Contact (1127A/20)

Please state the number of 999 calls received by your force’s control room in the period 1st April 2019 to 31st October 2020. Please breakdown the number of calls by calendar month.

101 Calls (887A/20)

1) The number of 101 calls which went unanswered in the following periods:
a. 2016-17
b. 2017-18
c. 2018-19
d. 2019-20
e. 2020-21 to date