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Digital Forensics (1641A/21)


Please could you answer the following questions below in relation to digital evidence and the retention of digital evidence in your force.

1)            Does your force have a digital forensics unit or do you outsource?

a)            DF unit

b)            Outsource

c)            Both

2)            Do you complete mandatory training on how to retain digital evidence?

a)            Yes

b)            No

3)            What retention guidance does your force follow for the retention of digital evidence?

a)            NPCC

b)            MoPI

c)            CPIA

d)            Own retention policy

e)            Other (please specify)

4)            How do you retain digital evidence?

a)            Keep the original exhibit

b)            Keep the image/extraction/acquisition files from the exhibit

c)            Keep on the reports

d)            All of the above

e)            a & b

f)             b & c

g)            Other (please specify)

5)            How is the extraction of digital evidence stored?

a)            On a case hard drive

b)            Sever/network

c)            Other (please specify)


Please find attached our response.