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Crime Logging System (1250A/21)

I am aware that West Midlands Police have been updating their crime logging IT systems over the last few months resulting in only very minimal crime figures being made available on the Police.UK web portal since March 2021 – and no indication as to when they will be available again.
I would like to know…
a) the overall cost of this IT upgrade

Closure Orders (1149A/21)

1) How many closure orders have been made on private properties (including council and housing association properties) since 2019 by year

Records Management (1123A/21)

Please can you tell me the name of your record management system used for: Crime management, Intelligence management, Custody management, Case preparation, Property management, Missing person

Cyber Attacks (1038A/21)

How many attempted cyber attacks have there been against the force? This includes DDOS, brute force attacks, ransomware, hacking etc.

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