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Vehicle Fleet (937A/23)


Under the freedom of information act please can you supply me the following information by email:

  1. Current Fleet Manager
  2. Assistant fleet Manager
  3. Number of beat/Patrol vehicles currently in fleet
  4. Number of traffic vehicles currently in fleet
  5. Number of Cell Vans currently in fleet
  6. Number of Camera Vans currently in fleet
  7. The on road lifespan for each of the above types of vehicle


Please find our response below.

1. Gary Mallett
2. Paul Woods
7. Please see below

Beat Car = 5 years

Response Car = 4 years

Traffic Car = 3 years

Sector Cell Van = 5 years

Camera Van = 6 years

With regard to questions 3 – 6, the current fleet list for vehicles in use by West Midlands Police is published on our website at the link below. This information is also scheduled to be published every 12 months (at the same link).

Please be advised that the information not contained on this list (e.g. covert vehicles, marked/un-marked vehicles used in a specialist capacity) would be exempt from disclosure by virtue of Section 31(1)(a)(b) – Law enforcement.


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