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Video And Image Evidence (1025A/23)


Digital Evidence Department: a) Does your police force deal with video and image evidence? if so, which department deals with it? 

Software: a) What image and video software is used in this department?

Challenges and limitations: a) What are the main issues you find with Video evidence? For example, underexposure or blur image/videos?

Training and Expertise: a) Has your police force provided training to digital forensic staff on the use of Video Editing software? If yes, please provide details on the type of training given.

Amped Five: Do you use the software Amped FIVE in your department? if not, why is this and do you use external providers?

if used, what factors influenced the decision to acquire Amped FIVE?

Frequency and Scope of Use: a) How frequently is Amped Five used within your police force’s digital forensic investigations?

In what types of cases or scenarios is Amped Five typically employed?

Are there any specific features or capabilities of Amped Five that are particularly valuable in your investigative processes?

Collaboration and Support: a) Does your police force collaborate with other law enforcement agencies or organizations in using Amped Five for digital forensic investigations?

Do you have any established relationships or partnerships with Amped Software for technical support, updates, or feedback?

Outcomes and Admissibility: a) Can you provide information on any cases where the use of Amped Five has contributed to successful outcomes or convictions?

Have there been any instances where the results or findings obtained through the use of Amped Five have been challenged in court? If so, please provide brief details.


Please find attached our response.