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Category: Human Resources

Diversity and Inclusion (1713A/23)

My questions are related to ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ (DEI). I recognise organisations may have different names for ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’. Therefore, in the spirit of The Freedom of Information Act, please take this phrase to also mean ‘diversity, equality and inclusion’ or whatever your organisation terms the DEI framework, and to apply to discrete elements of the DEI framework – EG ‘diversity’ training sessions, or ‘inclusivity’ training sessions, as well as training sessions that are related to the DEI framework – EG ‘unconscious bias’ training, or ‘gender identity’ training.

Uplift (1784A/23)

I am requesting two sets of data under the FOI Act relating to recruitment for the Police Uplift Programme for its entire duration, from when your force began Uplift recruitment in 2019 up until its completion in March 2023 (or for as much of that period as you can provide).