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Promotions (1788A/23)


  1. How many Officers were promoted from the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. A breakdown of the years would be required. I am requesting information on all Police Ranks (PC to Chief Constable).
  1. From the information above, how many were from an ethnic minority background? A breakdown on all years.
  1. How many ethnic minority Officers failed the promotion process from all the above year? A breakdown of all years.
  1. How many ethnic minority Officers hold a temporary role (e.g. Temporary Sergeant) in 2023? A breakdown for each rank.
  1. What policies are currently in place to ensure Officers from an ethnic minority background are supported for promotions?


Please find enclosed our response.


Question 1 to 3

Year Promoted (Q1) Ethnic Minority Groups (Q2) EMG Failed (Q3)
2015 7 0 1
2016 108 14 44
2017 176 27 16
2018 335 86 60
2019 143 50 37
2020 199 71 37
2021 323 102 53
2022 120 29 16
2023 70 7 17

Question 4:


Rank Ethnic Minority Groups
Temporary Assistant Chief Constable  0
Temporary Chief Inspector 1
Temporary Chief Superintendent  0
Temporary Inspector 8
Temporary Sergeant 18
Temporary Superintendent 1
Grand Total 28


Question 5:

WMP supports fairness and equality in all of our promotions processes, equally the ethnic diversity representation of the process is monitored and reported on at every stage. WMP provide support for those from underrepresented groups to achieve promotion including the two programmes outlined below. 

RSG Exam mentoring scheme – The scheme will enable serving police officers to receive examination support services and one-to-one mentoring support from former mid-rank and senior officers. We are provided with 50 funded places per year and we prioritise underrepresented groups for this support.

Police Now Front-Line Leadership Programme – Frontline Leadership Programme is designed for PCs officers seeking promotion to leadership roles. In WMP attraction onto the programme is specifically aimed at URGs and Police Now provide additional support to candidates in the pipeline for the programme who identify as coming from an URG.

In addition to these programmes offered currently, there are plans in place for BAPA (Black and Asian Police Association) and the newly established PRAP Board (Police Race Action Plan) to develop support and initiatives to support officers from ethnic minorities supported for promotions



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