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Category: Human Resources

Detectives (1338A/22)

The structure of your detective departments, and the specific detective specialisms within your force (i.e. identifying the specific departments, such as CID, Rape and Serious Sexual Offences teams, Child-Protection units, Surveillance, Organised Crime and so forth).

New Police Officers (945A/22)

Please provide the number of new (ie not transferees) police officers (either as police constables or trainee detective constables) who joined your force under the following programmes:
Pre-Join Degree
DHEP (not including Police Now)
Police Now (Neighbourhood programme)
Police Now (Detective programme)

Job Titles (1372A/22)

A comprehensive list of employee job titles which feature any of the following phrases: equality, diversity, inclusion, wellbeing, carbon, energy, net zero, climate, change maker, race, BAME, LGBTQ+, sustainability, art, awareness, involvement, culture, solidarity, intersectionality, or green.