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Uplift (1784A/23)


I am requesting two sets of data under the FOI Act relating to recruitment for the Police Uplift Programme for its entire duration, from when your force began Uplift recruitment in 2019 up until its completion in March 2023 (or for as much of that period as you can provide).

The first dataset is for APPLICATIONS to your force as part of Police Uplift. The second is for APPOINTMENTS made to your force as part of Police Uplift.

Please would you provide me with these complete datasets, broken down according to both gender and ethnicity. Please could you present this data in a cross-tabulation that allows me to see the numbers of entries combining these characteristics, e.g. the number of Black women who applied, or the number of Pakistani men who were appointed.

I am aware that different forces have collected ethnicity data in different subcategories at different times. Please provide the data in as detailed a breakdown as your force collected it.

PLEASE NOTE that while appointment data for Police Uplift is publicly available, it is not available in the detail or format requested (combining both gender and ethnicity breakdowns). I therefore ask that you provide me with this directly rather than referring me to information already publicly available.


Please find attached our response.