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Category: Human Resources

Operations Staff (18354/18)

With regards to your Operations department please provide the following information, how many of your operational officers in the Firearms Unit / The Operational Support Unit and The Dog Unit are:
1) Female
2) BME
3) Transgender (at any stage)
4) Disabled (registered or otherwise)

Officer Recruitment (18361_18)

Can you supply a year by year breakdown (between 2010 – 2018) of the numbers of staff per year that have been recruited, Vs the number of staff that have left for any reason, including retirement etc?

Fraud Investigator (17015_18)

1. How many specialist fraud and cyber-crime investigators does the force have?
2. Has the number investigators increased or decreased over the past two years?
3. If so, how has the number changed in each of the past two years?

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