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Year: 2021

Exempt Accommodation (1103A/21)

1) In each of the last 5 years, what is the total number of crimes reported in Birmingham involving residents in Exempt Accommodation?
2) Please provide copies of any studies or reports carried out by West Midlands Police into the impact of Exempt Accommodation on policing.

Emergency Police Child Protection Notices (1026A/21)

1) How many Section 46 (of the Childrens Act 1989) Emergency Police Child Protection Notices your force has activated in each of the following years, ie where your force has taken removed children to a safe location to protect them from significant harm:
April 2018 – Mar 2019
April 2019 – Mar 2020
April 2020 – Mar 2021

Sexual Offences at Schools (953A/21)

Under the Freedom of Information Act please can you tell me how many sexual offences have been reported between 1 January 2016 and the present day (21st June 2021) where the location recorded was a school and both the perpetrator and victim were under 18.

1 2 3 44