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Arrests of pupils in schools (1747A/21)


I would like to know:

Since 2017, how many pupils have been arrested at schools.

I would like the data to be provided separately for each year and to include the area of the West Midlands where the arrest was made and the age of the pupil.

If the reason was assault I would like clarification of whether the suspected assault was on another pupil or a teacher/member of staff.

I would also like to know the outcomes of the arrests, such as charged, released under investigation or no further action.


Our data are not organised in such a way as to allow us to provide this information within the appropriate (cost) limit within the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act (see ‘Reason for Decision’ below).


We are unable to search for schools, we can only search for educational premises which would then bring back all establishments from Nurserys to Universities.


We are able to search educational premises / aged 16 years and under, this would potentially isolate the actual “school” offences. However, you then require further in-depth information which would require an individual assessment of each record in order to find out if the arrest was of a pupil at that school or if it was by another party unconnected. Also, if the victim was another pupil or a staff member or a visitor / unconnected to the school.


As we are unable to retrieve the particular crime data you require due to cost (exceeds the 18 hours for the FOI Act), we are unable to subsequently obtain the outcome data.


In order to help please see our published information on offences at schools:


Freedom of Information – West Midlands Police (



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