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Year: 2021

Under 10s Arrested (1477A/21)

Per calendar year from 2016 up to and including 2020, how many children under the age of 10 have been arrested?
Please provide a breakdown of race and gender, if it does not push this request over the cost limit.

Acid Attacks (1624A/21)

I would like to request statistics that reveal the number of corrosive fluid offences or acid attacks against the person recorded in 2020.
Specifically, I would like to know:
1. The gender of victims
2. The gender of perpetrators

Digital Forensics (1641A/21)

Please could you answer the following questions below in relation to digital evidence and the retention of digital evidence in your force.
1) Does your force have a digital forensics unit or do you outsource?

Drone Contracts (1649A/21)

Please provide a list of contracts that have been awarded by West Midlands Police to manufacturers and/or suppliers for the provision of drone technology within the last five financial years