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Category: Roads Policing and Safety Cameras

Lower Queen Street – No Right Turn (936A/21)

Up to the 25th May 2021 there has been, 1 ticket issued at this junction, Lower Queen Street/Holland Road. If the ticket has been issued on or after 7th May 2021 was it as a result of, one of the three checks*. If the ticket is the result of one of the checks, was the ticket for speeding or for turning right.

Speeding Fines (459A/21)

Do you have data please on the number of speeding fines which have been issued on motorways covered by the CMPG from and including January 2020 to the most recent data which you hold? Month by month would be preferable please. And do you have data for motorways for the year 2019-20 so I can do a comparison with the current situation please?

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