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Category: Human Resources

Sickness (206A/22)

I would like to know the total number of sick days taken off by police officers due to mental health reasons, e.g. anxiety, stress, depression or other psychiatric illness.

Recruitment and Mental Health (79A/22)

1. I would like to know how many police officers have been recruited since 2009 by West Midlands Police?
2. And of the total number of applications received how many of those that disclosed a disability identified as a mental health issue went through the recruitment process?
3. And what stage they reached?

BMI Weight/Fat Ratio (357A/22)

Does your force have a policy/guideline/rule in place relating to an acceptable BMI/weight/fat ratio for new applicants to your force? If so could you please provide me with a copy?

Proceeds of Crime Staffing (1474A/21)

1) The number of police staff in your Unit who currently hold roles under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (such as Financial Intelligence Officers (FIOs) and Accredited Financial Investigators (AFIs).

From this figure, please could you also answer the following:

2) How many police staff are FIOs and how many are AFIs?

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