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Police officer sickness (614A/22)


Since 2017, how many police officers have taken sick leave for any of the following reasons: stress, depression, anxiety, mental health reasons. This request relates only to police officers rather than other police staff.

Could the information be provided separately for each year and include 2022 so far, showing both the number of officers who have been away and the total number of sick days. Could the reason for the sick leave also be specified, where possible, such as stress, mental health etc. 


Please find attached (614A_22 attachment) our response.


The attachment has two tabs:

Tab 1 – Total days & no of officers

This gives the annual breakdown of officers with psychological absences and also the number of working days lost due to psychological absence.

Tab 2 – Days lost by type

This gives the breakdown of mental health absences by reason. The number of working days lost and number of officers absent due to psychological issues is broken down into years.

Please note that the total number of officers with psychological absences stated on the first tab is lower than the number of officers stated by absence. This is because some officers have multiple absences for mental health reasons recorded under different categories.

The absence data for 2022 is up to 30th April 2022.


614A_22 attachment