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Category: Finance and Procurement

Apprentice Levy (4611/20)

2. From that levy you had paid / put aside, what has that money been spent on?
3. How much unspent money of this levy has the force been losing to HMIC per year, over the past three years, rather than being able to spend it on training?
4. How much of that levy money is the force planning to spend on PEQF, if any?

Custody Healthcare Contract (4250/20)

Please can you provide the following information for your custody healthcare contract:

1. The name of the current incumbent service provider
2. The vehicle/portal that you will use to procure this opportunity in the future (e.g. Bluelight)

Police Stations (3574/20)

1) The number of police stations closed since 2010 in your force area and their locations
2) Proceeds gained from sales of former police stations assets, and their locations
3) For the police stations that remain open in your force area, please also provide the front counter opening hours in 2010 and in 2020 for each, and their locations.

Data Centres (3299/20)

1. Are the Data Centre’s operated by or for the organisation fit for purpose? For example, is there a Business Continuity Plan, is there Disaster Recovery in place or is it a single site?
2. Is there any capital investment in data centres planned in the next 36 months? For example, Mechanical & Electrical or refresh of equipment within the DC such as network, storage area network?

Catering Service Contracts (620A/20)

I would like the organisation to review my freedom of information request below, that’s focused around contract data for services around facilities management.

1. Food – Service contract that is focused around catering services.