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Category: Finance and Procurement

Drone Contracts (1649A/21)

Please provide a list of contracts that have been awarded by West Midlands Police to manufacturers and/or suppliers for the provision of drone technology within the last five financial years

Forensic Science Providers (1536A/21)

1) Identify the forensic science providers (FSPs for example LGC Forensics, Eurofins Forensic Services, Cellmark Forensic Services, Key Forensic Services etc) contracted by your police force to provide Forensic Toxicology Services during this period 2012-2018

Hard Facilities Management Contracts (976A/21)

I would like the organisation to review my freedom of information request below, that’s focused around contract data for Hard Facilities Management (FM) repairs, M&E services for all building maintenance work (planned and reactive), small works and minor projects for all corporate buildings, offices and police stations.
1. Supplier/Provider of the services

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