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Training (803A/22)


  1. What is your total annual training budget?
  2. How is your annual training budget allocated across the organisation?
  3. What are your training priorities for 2022/2023?
  4. Which public sector frameworks do you use for training, learning and development services?
  5. Which external providers for learning, development and training do you use?
  6. Please provide your organisation’s learning and development strategy (or similarly titled document).


  1. Learning & Development training budget – £3.08 million
  2. External training – Bids are submitted 9 months before year end for the following year for any training requirements. These are then compiled and discussed at a budget meeting, funds are then allocated to each department accordingly. Student officer funding is based on the force uplift targets.
  3. New Student Officers, Specialist Skills (i.e. Forensics).
  4. College of Policing
  5. Multiple and will vary depending on the training required & specialism.
  6. See attached (Learning_strategy.pdf)


Learning strategy