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Month: October 2021

999/101 Calls (1290A/21)

I would like to know how many 999/101 calls for service were received by call handlers in calendar years 2019 and 2020 for the entire police force area, broken down by broad disposal types, listed below.

Hate Crime (1270A/21)

1. How many hate crimes did your police force record, as having been committed against people who identify as transgender?
Please respond for the following financial years:
a) Starting in April 2019 and finishing at the end of March 2020

Body Worn Video and Facial Recognition (1017A/21)

1) Please confirm whether your force in the last 12 months has evaluated and/or trialled, or is in the process of evaluating and or/trialling, body worn video cameras with facial recognition technology. (To be clear, this means body cameras that have an additional capablity of being able to scan faces and notify police when a particular individual is recognised; it excludes current generation body cameras that are used solely to record interactions.)