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Month: June 2021

Speeding Fines (459A/21)

Do you have data please on the number of speeding fines which have been issued on motorways covered by the CMPG from and including January 2020 to the most recent data which you hold? Month by month would be preferable please. And do you have data for motorways for the year 2019-20 so I can do a comparison with the current situation please?

Domestic Abuse (481A/21)

1) how many incidents of violence against the person offences were flagged as domestic abuse-related in the last three financial years April 1st 2018- March 31st 2019, April 1st 2019- March 31st 2020, April 1st 2020- March 31st 2021? Please also say how many of these reports led to an a) an arrest and b) charges being brought against an individual.

MARAC Referrals (411A/21)

Could you please let me know the amount of MARAC referrals have been made in the Force area in the last five years?
Could you please also tell me how many of the victims per year were male and from heterosexual relationships.