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Category: Human Resources

Officers Contracting COVID-19 (90A/21)

1. How many police officers have contracted COVID-19 since March 1st 2020? I would like this information broken down by month from March 1st 2020, up to and including today’s date. If data has not been included up to and including today’s date, please provide me with data starting from March 1st 2020, to the latest date where data is available.

Job Titles (182A/21)

Could you please tell me how many members of staff in your Police Force have one or more of the words equality, diversity, fairness inclusion, gender, LGBT or race in their job title?

Officer Sickness (91A/21)

I need to know the total number of officers off duty due to PTSD and Stress monthly for years 2017, 2018 and 2019 – further broken down by gender.

PSD and ECU Staff (1028A/20)

1. Please supply the postal address of the WMP PSD and the name of the head of that department that is accountable?
2. At present, how many officers of each of the ranks of Inspector and above work for or are attached to the WMP PSD? That is, how many Inspectors, Chief Inspectors, Superintendents, Chief Superintendents, and above.

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