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Provision of Special Services (142A/23)


For the years 2019 to 2022 (either calendar or financial according to your data protocols) please provide details of each contract for the private hire or provision otherwise of police officers under Section 25 of the Police Act 1996 (“Provision of Special Services”), or equivalent arrangement, for which the force received payment.


:: the name or title of the public body, individual, organisation or company that has paid for the officers.

:: The address or location where the officers were deployed and, where available, the nature of the event.

:: The number of officers contracted for.

:: The amount paid and the duration of the contract or agreement.

:: The nature of the duties for which the officers were contracted (eg public order; prevention of anti-social behaviour)

Please note I am not asking for information concerning payments for the policing of large-scale sporting events, such as football matches, or events for which grants are available from other Government funds such as the policing of party political conferences or demonstrations.


Please find attached our response.