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Category: Incident and Crime Statistics

Arrests under Communications Act (217A/21)

This FOI relates to Section 127 (1) and 127 (2) of the Communications Act, which can be found here:

How many people have been arrested under suspicion of an offence under Section 127 (1) of the Communications Act 2003? Please provide the figures for: (a) 2018, (b) 2019, (c) 2020.

Burglaries (206A/21)

From September 21st 2020 to present February 1st 2021, how many burglaries from domestic homes have occurred in Wolverhampton and if possible, how many were distraction burglaries?

Secondly, if possible, how many burglaries / distraction burglaries occurred in the Bilston neighbourhood for the same time period?

Thirdly, adding to the questions above, what was the most common age group / demographic that was victimised as a result of these burglaries?