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Category: Incident and Crime Statistics

Drink/Drug Driving (4651/20)

For ongoing road safety research, could you please provide a monthly breakdown from January 2017 to December 2019 on those arrested and subsequently charged (and ideally conviction rates also) with:
1) Excess alcohol – Contrary to section 5 RTA 1988
2) Drug driving – Contrary to section 5A RTA 1988

Sexual Offences Committed by Children (3980/20)

Please can you tell me how many children (as defined as a person under 18) were investigated by your force on suspicion of committing sexual offences in 2017, 2018 and 2019?
When you give me the information, please can you provide me with a breakdown of each child’s: – age – gender – which sexual offence they were being investigated on suspicion of – the status/outcome of the investigation for each of the years separately

Missing Persons (3259/20)

Missing People makes this request pursuant to s.1(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (‘FOIA 2000’). We write to request the following information:
1.Does your force have a method of recording whether or not a missing person has settled immigration status and/or is an asylum seeker?

Threats to Kill on Facebook (2801/20)

1. In the (a) 2018 calendar year, and (b) 2019 calendar year how many offences did your force log of “making a threat to kill” where the threat was posted on Facebook?
2. Starting from the month of October 2019 please provide me with copies of the first five MOs that relating to question 1 complete with the wording that was used on Facebook. [Note: To avoid falling into an exemption I am content for names, ages, geography or any other personal detail to be redacted].