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Category: Discipline, Complaints and Legal

Complaints referred to the IOPC (921A/20)

How many public complaints to your force were referred to and subsequently investigated by the IOPC, in each of the last two full calendar years (2018, 2019), plus 2020 to date, broken down by year, numerical number of accusations, and description of said accusation (e.g. assault, serious non-sexual assault, discriminatory behaviour, etc)?

Misconduct (299A/20)

1. Please provide the number of individuals who sat on the panel and the rank/job description/position of each. Please also provide the date and brief details of the most recent course each attended on anything related to racism awareness training.

Misconduct (615/20)

At the link pasted below, you will see that South Yorkshire Police have published full details of disciplinaries against police officers, including i) date, ii) allegation type, iii) allegation details, vi) outcome and v) source.