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Month: February 2021

Officers Contracting COVID-19 (90A/21)

1. How many police officers have contracted COVID-19 since March 1st 2020? I would like this information broken down by month from March 1st 2020, up to and including today’s date. If data has not been included up to and including today’s date, please provide me with data starting from March 1st 2020, to the latest date where data is available.

Machete / Acid Offences (82A/21)

1. For the months of November and December 2020 how many crimes were logged by your force where a machete was recorded as being an element in the offence? [Note: I would hope that this could be achieved by a computer search on the MO of crimes for the words “machete” or variants of the spelling to include “machette” and “machetes”.

Outcome 21 (59A/21)

I am writing to request some data relating to the use of Outcome 21 by your force. I would be very grateful if I could have an answer to the following questions relating to Home Office Crime Code 86/2 AND 86/10 which includes the offences: