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Wearing of Thin Blue Line Badges (1170A/22)


Please let me have the force’s official position on officers wearing of the “Thin Blue Line” badge/patch as part of their uniform.


The Freedom of Information Act covers any recorded information that is held by a public authority. With regard to questions, guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office states:

“Under the Act, if you have information in your records that answers the question you should provide it in response to the request. You are not required to answer a question if you do not already have the relevant information in recorded form.”

I can confirm that we hold no specific recorded information with regard to the “Thin Blue Line” badge/patch being worn by officers as part of their uniform. However, our Uniform, Equipment and Appearance policy contains the following information under the section ‘OTHER BADGES’:

  • Enamel Badges (i.e. long service) must be worn only as a single tie pin.
  • Any other non-uniform adornments (including but not limited to commemorative badges, stickers, pins) must be discreet and in line with WMP vision & values.
  • Any adornments worn on lanyards must also be discreet and in line with WMP vision & values.


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