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Vision Zero (1195A/23)


Can you please provide an update on the status and content of the ‘Vision Zero’ plan with regard to:

A) Any progress to date

B) Governance – who owns the plan and/or what is the steering group resp. for different aspects. How often do they meet and when do they publish progress reports

C) Phasing – Interim phase and final targets for KSI reductions.

D) Road User differences wrt ‘excess’ injury rates by road user group – where there is excessive injury rates for one group relative to national averages, e.g. pedestrians in the case of WM, what are the planned targets for each road user type to reduce to values across the board closer to national means ?

E) Better, more cost-effective policing techniques – what research, looking at better performing forces, on new or improved techniques has occurred to identify what can be trialled/implemented by WMP to radically improve driver compliance with traffic laws with improved cost-effectiveness.


Please find attached our response (1195A_Attachment).