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Sustainable Transport (643A/23)


In consideration of the climate crisis, I would like to request the following information about how the organisation is enabling staff to reduce their emissions through sustainable transport, and more specifically, cycling.

1) Over the past five years, broken down by year –

a) How many staff members used the Cycle to Work scheme?
b) What percentage of staff was this? 
c) What was the average value of the vouchers claimed on the scheme?
d) What was the number of those who took up the scheme, who then failed to complete, leaving the organisation with costs?

2) What tools does the organisation use to encourage cycling for their staff –

a) On a work basis
b) On a leisure/health basis

3) With regards to staff, does the organisation –

a) Have any monitoring for what modes of transport staff use –
i) For their journey to work
ii) For journeys during work time
b) And if this data is recorded, I request a copy of such data as detailed as it can be reasonably given, while still protecting personal data rights

4) How many of the following does the organisation have available for staff use

a) Pedal cycles
b) Electric bikes
c) Motorbikes
d) Internal combustion cars
e) Electric or hybrid cars
f) Internal combustion vans
g) Electric or hybrid vans
h) Heavy trucks

5) Does the organisation mileage scheme clearly state the claim rate for cycling

6) How many cycling miles have been claimed by the organisation’s staff in the past five years

7) Regarding your current cycle to work scheme –

a) What scheme is currently in place
b) What is the maximum limit on the cost of a bike, if a limit is currently in place


Please find attached (643A_23_attachment.pdf).