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Suffering of protected animal (191A/23)


1) In the calendar years a) 2018, b) 2019, c) 2020, d) 2021 and e) 2022, please tell me how many times your police force recorded the crime categorised by the Home Office counting rules as 97/01 “causing, permitting or failing to prevent unnecessary suffering of protected animal where the protected animal in question was a) a swan, b) a goose or c) a duck. Please provide a breakdown of the total by year and by type of bird.

2) For the 15 most recently recorded crimes captured by question 1’s search, please provide me with a verbatim copy of the “investigation summary field” and/or the modus operandi (MO). In addition, please state where each of the 15 crimes occurred. I understand some information may need to be redacted to prevent personal or otherwise sensitive details being divulged


Q1: Zero

Q2: Not applicable as zero result


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