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Stonewall (1228A/22)


This is an information request relating to monies given to Stonewall.

Please provide the following information:

  • What was the membership fee given to Stonewall as part of their Diversity Champions programme in 2021-22 by your organisation?
  • Is your organisation currently a member of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme?
  • What additional monies have been given to Stonewall in 2021-22? Specifically, this incorporates:
    • Events/conferences (where, for example, your organisation has purchased tickets to attend or entered raffles or auctions organised by Stonewall). Please name any events/conferences that your organisation attended and the date attended.
    • Other programmes (such as LGВТ Leadership programme, LGВТ Role Model programme, Ally and/or Trans Ally programmes, as well as Train the Trainer programmes).


Please find attached our response.