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Station Closures (1344A/23)


  1. I would like a list of police stations or evidence/file deposits within your jurisdiction to have closed in the last five years (to the date this request was received).
  2. I would like the official closure dates for all of these facilities.
  3. I would like the dates on which the move-out process was officially deemed completed for these facilities.
  4. If available, I would like the date that the final document deemed ‘sensitive’ was removed.
  5. I would also like to know the number of facilities still under police ownership, the number sold and the number destroyed.

I would like you to provide this information in the following format:

I would like this information with the names and addresses of the facilities in a chronological list in a table ordered by the closure date, with the dates requested above on the same line as the names of the facilities.

On the same line for each entry, please could you inform me of its sale/ownership/destruction status.


Please find attached our response (1344A_Attachment).