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Spend with External Law Firms (1581A/23)


Could you please send me the following information:

  1. What is your spend with external law firms (please provide for the last 4 financial years)?
  2. Do you use eBilling technology to manage your law firms billing (e.g. systems such as Legal Tracker, Brightflag, Apperio, CT Tymetrix, Mitratech etc.)?
  3. Who is your head of legal / general counsel (please provide email address)?
  4. Do you have a law firm panel / preferred supplier list / use a framework to buy your external law firm services? Please provide details where possible.


With regard to question 1, this information is published on the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner’s website at the link below under the heading “£500+ expenditure data”:

With regard to question 2, we do not have an e-billing system specifically for Legal Services.

With regard to question 3, the Director of Joint Legal Services is Lisa Marie Smith. Contact details:

With regard to question 4, we do not have a framework agreement in place for external legal counsel. The Legal Services team will use counsel based on their experience of which firms are best placed to provide the advice required with a view to always obtain good value for money.


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