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Speeding J7 M6 (756A/21)


I would like to request a freedom of information act regarding the number of speeding tickets that have been issued from this area (junction 7 M6) during the one month period over that this offence took place from 01.04.21 to 30.04.21. I believe there is not proper signage over this motorway indicating that there is a variable speed limit in force, furthermore often the change in speed limit comes suddenly and differs greatly between camera sections which surprises drivers e.g. from national speed limit then 40mph then 60mph etc. If drivers aren’t aware of an enforced speed limit they are caught speeding as they are unaware it has changed or driver’s are having to brake suddenly causing potential danger to other vehicles. As of today (Saturday 8.4.21 at 16.30) I saw a number of flashes of the speed cameras whilst driving in the opposite direction. The speed limit at this camera was 40mph despite limited traffic on a Saturday afternoon and the cameras before this one being set to 60mph and the one after being at national speed limit. I believe that this camera was incorrectly displaying 40mph and catching drivers out or if it was the correct speed limit then the other cameras should be changed accordingly to reflect this sudden decrease and avoid sudden braking hazards.

I myself was unaware that these sections are enforced speed limit due to lack of “variable speed limit” signage and thought the 60mph above the zone was suggested due to the traffic at that time and to reduce congestion.


Please find attached our response.