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Road Policing Resourcing (378A/23)


The approximate level of resourcing being allocated to the following units (annualy, quarterly).

The routinely budgeted cost relating to each activity, or just headcount in FTE would help with or without whatever approximate running cost for their direct costs (to cover vehicle maintenance, etc.) may be readily available.

1) Central Motorway Patrol Group (WMP contribution)

2) West Midland Traffic Police overall – and within that unit (if I understand the structure correctly ) the teams covering:
WM mobile Camera Van unit
WM static Cameras unit

3)  Vehicle crime taskforce (created late last year)


1. Central Motorway Patrol Group:

CMPG – 72 Officer (Made up from officers from WMP and Staffordshire). WMP Contribution to CMPG is £5,178,900

2. West Midland Traffic Police overall:

Traffic – 95 Officers

Camera Enforcement Unit – 20 members of staff. It is one unit and all staff are multi-tasking therefore we cannot separate them. There are 9 camera operators, 8 FTE and 1 part time.

Officer/Staff Pay 787,200
Supplies & Services 4,500

3)  Vehicle crime taskforce:

1 X DI
3 X Sergeants
18 x Constables (approximately)

They had access to seven vehicles – The team ran from September 2022 until the end of March 2023. Overtime/contingency budget of £15,000.


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