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Police Community Support Officers


Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are dedicated and essential members of our policing family. They complement and support our police officers by working alongside the neighbourhood teams to provide a highly visible and accessible police presence on the streets.


PCSOs are expected to address issues of principle concern to the communities they serve such as tackling anti social behaviour and preventing crime. They support victims of crime and antisocial behaviour, especially those who are repeat or vulnerable victims. This includes secondary crime scene attendance and gathering criminal intelligence. Importantly they provide a reassuring presence to communities in the West Midlands whilst acting as a deterrent against crime.


Due to the public facing role they inhabit, we expect our PCSOs to have strong communication skills so that they are able to develop links in the communities they patrol. They must be able to employ problem solving skills whilst retaining a calm and professional approach under pressurised and emergency situations.


Our PCSOs support the delivery of trust and confidence within our local communities. Our Force therefore recognises the valuable contribution that PCSOs make to policing and supporting the West Midlands.