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Police Officers and staff that have Breached Covid (511A/21)


In the time period from 1.3.20 to the date of this e-mail being logged by your force please state how many officers from your force have received some type of disciplinary sanction because they breached some part of Coronavirus guidelines or laws in either their personal life or while on the job.

For each occasion please state (a) if the officer was on or off duty, (b) a brief description of how they breached the laws/guidelines and (c) the disciplinary sanction imposed on them.


We can confirm that some relevant information is held by West Midlands Police. However, we are withholding that information since it is exempt by virtue of the following exemptions.


Section 40 (2) Personal information


Please find enclosed our response.

West Midlands Police can confirm that during the time frame 1/3/2020 to 26/3/2021 there have been 1 Professional Standards Investigations in relation to both Police Officers and staff, where the matter of the investigation has been related to Coronavirus breaches.

This one case has been finalised and the individual was on duty when the breach occurred.

The disciplinary sanction for the one case that has been finalised and the information release is exempt due to S40 (2) Personal Data.

The brief description of the breach is also exempt to information release due to S40 (2) Personal data.


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